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Golden Bricks Co.

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Add a spark, a style, a decadence and an atmosphere to any area may it be you’re workplace or your home. At Golden Bricks Co. we only use reclaimed 20th century bricks to enhance the appeal of your living or working space with exposed brick effect, add to that the instant dazzle of a charming character and you’ll find yourself in an environment of unrivalled history and authenticity. Offering 100% satisfaction guaranteed our bricks and services have been used for enhancing the look and feel of commercial and living spaces .

We add charm and character to any space, you’d be amazed how different and sublime you’re bedroom or corner office or even a café will look once we’ve finished applying the exposed Brick Tile effect to it. In an instant and working on a budget you are able to completely transform and at the same time increase the value and beauty of your building. Applying them to the space of your choice, reclaimed brick are sliced into tiles, once in place they give an exposed brickwork effect which in itself creates a magnificent ambience and brings a certain rough and relaxing effect.

Golden Bricks Co.

Featured Products

Brick Tiles

Brick Tiles

Brick tiles are a great way to get the beautiful aesthetics of an exposed brick wall beautiful aesthetics of an exposed brick wall.

Weathering / Terrace Tiles

Terrace/ Weathering-Tiles

If a beautiful and enduring roof is what you’re looking for, then Golden Bricks Co.

Extruded/ Wirecut Bricks

Face Brick

Brick makes any building look beautiful, of course, but face brick isn't just for an added touch of beauty.

Flooring Tiles

Clay Pavers

Reshape the idea of landscape design. Our brick's geometric perfection is a simple yet powerful asset to your paving design.

Golden Bricks Co.

Why To Choose Us ?

Our Company has been casting automated or modern and Hydraulically consolidated Brick Tiles, Face Brick, Terrace/ Weathering Tiles, Clay Pavers with upgraded automation. We always take superiority as the criteria of our company.

  • Affordable cost
  • Long Lasting
  • Colour Of Life


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Golden Bricks Co.

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    Brick Tiles

    Brick tiles are made up of clay material which makes it very durable, robust, quality.

    Face Brick

    For Pressing, powdered clay at a certain moisture content is pressed into a mould to make Brick tiles, bricks or pravers.

    Terrace/ Weathering-Tiles

    Flat roof tiles made with clay are a great way to protect your construction from the overhead attack of the tropical seasons.

    Clay Pavers

    Clay pavers are another type of brick that is manufactured to be laid flat on the ground. Preferred widely in hotels, resorts.

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    We are bricks manufacturing company, to be successful by effectively & efficiently utilizing our philosophies, So that we achieve & maintain constantly the High Standards of Product quality & customer satisfaction. Look forward to share, and build projects with experiences and lessons learned.

    Our vision is to deliver the world-class and highly engineered construction and project management by giving extraordinary results for our customers. To generate the profitable infrastructural and economic growth for our company and employees.
    Golden Bricks Co.

    India's widest range of Brick Tiles

    Distinctive Colors, Adaptable Sizes, Exclusive Textures. A timeless appeal that enriches the design of both commercial and residential projects.

    Golden Bricks Co.

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