Weathering/ Terrace Tiles

Why To Buy Weathering / Terrace Tiles?
Environmentally Friendly : Clay and concrete roof tiles come from natural materials that don’t deplete other resources. No chemical preservatives are needed, and old tiles can be recycled into new tiles! This type of roof is very energy efficient, causing air conditioning bills to decrease. The thermal factor of tile and the vented air space when installed creates a stable roof temperature. A roof with a consistent air temperature reduces energy waste.
Aesthetics : The beauty of tile roofing never fades. It is a timeless material that enhances any home and gives elegance. There are many different types of tile and concrete roofing. Reddish orange tiles are the most common, but they come in a wide variety of colors. Random patterns can even be made with complementary tile colors, or uniform tile setting to make a statement. With the newer types of tile roofing any home style can use this material.
Roof Tile With Hole
Size - 230 X 230 X 50mm
Pcs. / sq. ft. - 1.5 Pcs
Wt. / Pc. - 4.000 Kg.